Saturday, June 18, 2011

Poem: The funny 'reel' world...

Most reels are about the lead pair,
which take you to a rosy dreamy lair.
In real, hero would appear the villain
all valiant attempts ending in vain.

The heroine aloud in a room praying
the hero is touched 'accident'ly seeing
the hero does a socially good deed
and who hears of it but the heroine indeed!

When the villain makes plans to smear
rest assured, the heroine will overhear
her heart shattered she will shed a tear
and to comfort her the hero will be near.

The hero will have a dramatic flashback
which on reel will be a very touching track
The hero always has a clever knack
he wins the prize and even some snack.

On train the hero will find a girl suitable
who would eventually be acceptable
In real the train coach is full of elderly
whom the guy might help ably.

In reel every little thing is noticed
but in real major things are missed
In reel someone might whisper
but in real not even a whimper.

Like someone to help does a sacrifice
but no one else will know the price
person might have spent many a dime
or by spending a lot of their prime time.

In reel the lead pair may hate
but a common friend will help them mate
explaining hardships the sacrificer had to endure
and good feelings will soon start to nurture.

When you don't hear from someone
someone who you feel is a loved one
you spend hours at end engrossed in worry
no one ever knows ur concern, even 'accidentally!

The guy for hours will silently pray
for the girl to never have dismay
whatever the guy does with noble intention
the girl is suspicious, stranger than fiction

There will be less positive accidents
and rare indeed are any coincidents
but nothing lost, just keep yourself busy
and one day like in the reel u might get lucky!

- SS.

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