Saturday, May 28, 2011

Poem: The power and pain of silence

The power and pain of silence

When someone doesn't speak a word,
you kind of have a feeling weird
and wonder if you did some wrong
to make their mood go bong.

In anger you might see violence
the cause of concern makes sense
but nothing compares to silence
where the problem might be immense.

You wish they would utter something
else your mind thinks of everything
was it this or was it that
you wish u had an answer pat.

It hurts you deep within bad
you sink into an ocean sad
when someone u feel is a good friend
behaves strange in an odd trend.

A hundred times to the past you rewind,
straining to the limit your mind,
hoping to get a clue of some kind,
hoping the problem you will find.

Did you do wrong a particular moment
or was it a thoughtless comment
was it something you could've prevent
it keeps hurting you bad like a serpent.

If the person were to explode,
their mind becomes easy to decode.
You wish they'd loosen and unload,
so that they'd break out of moods sorrowed.

But all you can do is fervently pray
that they are soon out of dismay
and hopefully in future someday
their silence will give way.

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